How do I meet people that will lead me to you?
Two years ago
The idea of you arose in my mind
I grappled with the acceptance of your presence materializing
Your spirit hovered over me
As an irritant
And I pushed it away with disdain
The materialization of you would have disrupted
The ‘good life’ I was living
However, that was then
This is now
Time changes people
And even I fall victim to time’s power
Once again
I find you at the front of my everyday thinking
So much so that I named you
Pistis Sophia

The physicality of you is unclear
But the essence of you is undeniably near
I don’t know if you are looking for me
Or if I am even a minimal thought in the vast expanse of your mind
Most likely not
Just know
Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing
I’m waiting
With eyes gazing
And heart free

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2 Responses to Question:

  1. Sam Brownell says:

    You stir up the coals within me.

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