I don’t need you
And you don’t need me
What does a relationship like that look like?
One where no one is needed but wanted

That day, however, I did need you
I was waiting for you to make a wrong move
I actually expected it
Like I do with all things because I look for the bad before I can see the good
From the moment I woke you were there
With every move calculated toward calming me
Because I was on the edge
And you knew it
You blasted the music
And a dance party ensued
Allowing me to listen and hear sounds from your past and mine

The minutes ticked by and the surgical time was approaching
Not once did you leave my side
Just like you said
Everything you said you would do
You did
Each moment was ours
And you pushed me through one of the hardest experiences of my life
A piece of my cervix left me that day
But you filled and over filled my missing parts
My fear was engulfed in your love
Side by side
Where I once felt broken I can now heal
I’m forever thankful

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3 Responses to The LEEP

  1. Dirt says:

    I feel sorry for him. So sorry. If only he knew what was coming…

    • breatheinred says:

      Hello Dirt,

      I guess I am a little confused about your comment. Who is the “him” you are referring to? Because there is no gender pronouns, male or female, in the poem. I do speak of the cervix which is my own and definitely indicating that I, myself, am female. However, I am wondering your thoughts on how you read the poem with a male integrated in to it. Would love to hear your extended thoughts if you are willing to share.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Dirk says:

    And what I read was something like the same old tired song to a new lover. But like I said I guess I misinterpreted.

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