What would you say
To  someone that you kicked out
And yet do not want back?

What would you say
To someone you crave so badly to talk to but don’t know how to voice a simple “hi”?

What would you say
To someone that hurt you so bad
So many times
That every time
You didn’t care

You fought

While they gave up
While they moved on…even when you stood in front of them
Giving everything

What would you say to someone
That could not recognize your everything?

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It’s done
When the last ember goes grey
Smoke rising
The final release
The burn out in a 40 watt
Sometimes with a “pop”
End of life
No tokens
No pass go or collect two hundred dollars

A star travels millions of years
Across the universe
Only to vanish

We did it in 2 months
The dark side of the moon is always silent.
Silent, yet undeniably peaceful

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Last Night

Last night
I had a nightmare
You were there
Held me tight
Whispered softly over and over
“It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok.”
I fell in love with you
From beginning to end, again
I nuzzled closer
Smelled your familiar scent
And drifted right back to sleep

I’m enjoying you
For whatever this is
One day at a time

Tonight I had another nightmare
And I have never missed you so much
Come again soon

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It’s happening again
That lower than low kind of low
The sinking inside myself
The thoughts that create a gaping hole
The well inside that is no longer a producer of water
Just a dry empty, useless well

I wonder if that’s how Mary Magdalene felt
As she filled her buckets
And then along comes Jesus

An empty hole
(who really knows)
In front of the Holy

What a lucky damn whore

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And then

And then

And then


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You must be sleeping
I miss watching you sleep
Sounds so creepy
But it gave me peace

I would softly caress your face
Gently pull back loose strands of hair
While you lightly snored
While you breathed in air

It never bothered me to wake
Before you
Because this time was short
And I knew

These moments were fleeting
So I cherished
The you you were
While you slept
And I stared

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In the Kindest Way

Freedom is a lovely feeling
To not have to look back
To move through people
As if
Each was the last

Loyalty is nothing if not given in return

How can I let go?
When I’m still so much in love
How the pain sears the edges of my heart
You want me to “Holla” for you
And all I can muster is
A howl at the moon filled with a throbbing ache

I’m licking my wounds
There are so many
Scars left by you
Accompanied by
Fresh lacerations

I did not want to prepared for this
And now I must find a new home
To curl into

It’s cold out here
As I think of you sweating with another
Licking another
Cumming with another
Piercing each memory I have ever shared with you

Enjoy your fuck
In the kindest way
And in the most sarcastic way

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The Before You

I’m less excited
For your visit

This makes me sad

I can’t imagine that you don’t see a shift
You always noticed that shit
And I hated you for it
You continually say “miss you”
But I will not return the phrase

I don’t miss you
Not the now you
I do miss the you before the now you
The you that saw me

And now you only see
What I choose to show you. 

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Say When

We both knew it would happen
It was just a matter of when
That when
Was last night
You want me to be proud for you
Excited even
I am neither

Feed your need
Because I cannot

And now
I will not

Why does it affect me so?
A heavy and now
Broken heart.

I want to vomit.
I want to cut.
I want to go deep into a well and never rise

Just another one of my past concubines

I must un-invest
The time spent on you has expired

Good luck
I truly wish you the best

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Band Aid

The words always flood in
When happiness is furtherest away
I am literally aching
For you
And I cannot reach you
I listen as you satisfy others
And my sorrow roars
My loins throb
My stomach turns
And I want to retch
Nothing comes up
So I dry heave until my throat is raw


Seems so long ago
My throat ran raw
From engulfing you too deep
And now this is someone else’s fate
While I observe from the sidelines
Pretending I am joyous for you

Too fast
Too soon
You ripped the bandaid off
Before the bleeding stopped
And now the box is empty

So I sit here
Watching as you move on
With the next play
No paramedics
No first aid
And I bleed
As you score one more for the home team

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