In the Kindest Way

Freedom is a lovely feeling
To not have to look back
To move through people
As if
Each was the last

Loyalty is nothing if not given in return

How can I let go?
When I’m still so much in love
How the pain sears the edges of my heart
You want me to “Holla” for you
And all I can muster is
A howl at the moon filled with a throbbing ache

I’m licking my wounds
There are so many
Scars left by you
Accompanied by
Fresh lacerations

I did not want to prepared for this
And now I must find a new home
To curl into

It’s cold out here
As I think of you sweating with another
Licking another
Cumming with another
Piercing each memory I have ever shared with you

Enjoy your fuck
In the kindest way
And in the most sarcastic way

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