Allsume: a complete circumference of consumption

Arousement: the arousing of emotions and body parts

Bend: the combination of beginning and end

Birdea: the birthing of an idea—a dream or theory

Breate: a penetrating breath

Brist: Bride of Christ

Capsation: a captivating sensation

Carvel: carefully traveling

Cosify: the union of slow and fast; coasting and intensifying at the same time

Cunoodle: cuddling as noodles when cooked

Delid: the union of soft and hard; delicate and rigid

Desurn: a burning desire

Encarve: an imprint cut into the skin, permanent, a tattoo

Enthrush: an enthralling brush

Estavine: divine ecstasy

Extrée: going in and out at once; exit and enter

Evernow: all presence

Incease: increase in want of emotion or feeling intertwined with the ceasing of the emotion or feeling. Wanting more and having enough at the same time.

Infuze: a harsher spelling for the word infuse

Leedow: to lead and follow at once

Legise: a promised legacy

Lovate: loving intimately

Meyu: when God chooses humanity

Meyume: when humanity and God become One union insuperable

Purate: the combining or stirring of a pure mixture

Purhelm: overwhelming purity

Trusk: honest truss preformed through a kiss

Yume: when humanity chooses God

3 Responses to Glossary

  1. Anisa Lanes says:

    You are a very smart individual!

  2. lagReavajag says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

    • breatheinred says:

      Thank you. I really enjoy making up new words. I believe the English language lacks a lot of words that express how we think and feel. I mainly mold opposites. One word will take me at least 2 hours to create.

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