I felt an interesting…

I felt an interesting
Emotion today
First one then two
An explosion at contact
A day like any other
Waking by heated rays of light
Stretching releasing
Excitement of flight
The take off a push
Of perfection
Winds acceptance
A union making love
I do not soar
Nor do I glide
I am the flutter
Caressing the skies
Not high above clouds
Not even trees
Floating is my way
Bending and resting
In movements
Of the breeze
Utterly enjoying living
Then I felt it
My leading stopped
My flutter took control
I began moving
Toward a direct point
I tried landing on a flower
And found it quite impossible
Where I headed became
A great wonder
So I allowed this moving
What to look for was
Beyond my own imagination
The importance overwhelming
I focused on diligent speed
Just when this became natural
This over empowerment
I was halted in place
Immediately I knew
There she was
How I knew I will never
Birthed in me
I could not live without her touch
I would be whole
Once united
The timing had to be perfect
Or my one chance
Slowing my aggression
I did what I do best
I fluttered
Fluttered toward a being
Of ultimate beauty
I knew I loved her
Why and how
I do not know
Nothing else
Lived or breathed
Once she came into sight
I had to have her
As I slid within reach
My heart blazed
In passion
She did not even know
I was coming for her
The second rush
The contact
Of two slender fingers
I did not understand
These feelings inside
But in that one instance
I knew the world
She felt me
And I her
She looked at me
With absolute surprise
And I fluttered on
Never wanting of anything
Ever again

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