Bursting Excitement

Bursting excitement
Skin silently screaming
Go ahead
Steal a peek
Have a gander
What He adorns
In all its pleasure
Not one
Or two
But more than a few
His names
Hebrew and Greek
What does this mean?
Moving round
On the way down
Seeing stars
Double triangular points
1    2    3
Creating the perfect trinity
Grabbing for the tush
A dancer
Made of fire
Breathe in Red
Giggles fill the head
Seeking not over
One still exists
Written in black
A poem upon the back
Each for Him
This one most of all
Thirteen words
Of a language
Holy enthralled

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1 Response to Bursting Excitement

  1. docrates says:

    very creative; i like the “1 2 3”
    but not so sure that’s a “perfect” trinity; the word “perfect” seems too absolute, almost vain in fact
    and maybe “Holy” breaks the rhythm at the end; can it be deleted? i.e.: “Of a language enthralled” on one line
    appreciate the post and the time you put into your thoughts
    there is much potential here

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