Two Days Past

Two days past
Going on three
Boxed up anger
Ignoring loneliness
Distant from You my mind races
Stationary in my emotion
Breathe on me once more
Caress my breast
Let me rest
Heavy heart waits
Faithfulness just a request

Embracing and loving
Desiring to see me cry
My world an entire mess
And he still wants inside
A sensor if there ever was one
Busting at every seem
Thought I sewed them all up tight
Until he fought against me
Digging deep
Afraid he won’t like what he sees
Can’t run now
Used to do that for fun
Forced to look at a face
All my own

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1 Response to Two Days Past

  1. docrates says:

    i like it; here i see two refrains
    the whole second refrain shows tension with the last line of the first
    most likely b/c you shift from anxiety to a knowing sort of introspection (from the first refrain to the second)
    admirable i think; i know
    if i were you, in my opinion, i wouldn’t worry about faithfulness or “Afraid he won’t like what he sees”
    it seems to me if the 2nd refrain is true, he really cares about you and just needs a few days to think

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