Quarter of a century old
An obsessive drive to know
Possesses my soul
Walls of youth
Obstructing all views
Where are the words
Your words
Sweet answers to long
Awaiting prayers
Clarity suffering
In my discontented heart
Each day wanes
Slowly toward bitter pleasure
Groaning in lust to please You
I starve after the slightest breath
Only realizing
The imperfection of myself
Humble me with age

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3 Responses to 25

  1. breatheinred says:

    Thank you for your comment. I don’t think clarity has anything to do with the number on your birth certificate. We all have a different way of understanding what is around us and how God works. I was just tired of fighting myself and God so I decided to pay attention.

  2. docrates2 says:

    patience; be where you are

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