A smotherer of sorts
Maybe the lifestyle
Turns people away
Bald one year
Tattooed the next
A wanderer to the outsiders
An overzealous aesthetic
Trying too hard
Seen as haphazard
And eccentric
When truthfully
The Art exudes the form

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2 Responses to Superfluous

  1. docrates2 says:

    hey red. i was wondering about two lines:
    1) “an over zealous aesthetic”
    2) “the art exudes the form”
    what is an over zealous aesthetic and what form are you speaking of?

    • breatheinred says:

      Good Morning Docrates2. I appreciate you reading my poetry; continue to come back and visit anytime.

      As for your questions, I will answer them the best I can:

      First, ‘An overzealous aesthetic’ means exactly what the words stand for. Overzealous – obsessive, manic; one who is overly excited about something others may see as quite simple. Aesthetic: refers to the love of the beautiful or love of arts; an attraction for the arts. The purpose for this line portrays the perspective people may have about my actions or beliefs; maybe actions or beliefs they do not agree with or understand. Outsiders may view my life as ‘An overzealous aesthetic/ Trying too hard’.

      Second, the last line ‘The Art exudes the form’ is my favorite line, sort of the hook of the whole poem. Occasionally I will capitalize letters to give the reader a clue that I am referring to a person, 98% of the time I am referring to Christ. The ‘Art’ is Christ and I am the form. More clearly, my tattoos are a projection of Him—Christ is displayed through my body.

      Thank you for your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask more if you wish.

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