What is Your Tale of Woe?

What is your tale of woe?
The pains
The hurts
Those ones keeping you up at night
Those ones that shaped you for today
Tell me
About your mom or dad
Or if not them
Tell me
About the friends and the lovers
I have the time
Cut the niceties
And the small talk
I’m only interested in the raw truth
I mean
The drunken nights filled with anger or tears
The moments when life became an option
Not a privilege
And if not the bottle
What about pills?
Or sex
What are your fears and nightmares?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
Tell me
About the secrets written in hiding
Events and details of your personhood
I’m here to listen
So vent
And relent
No sentence is pending on your words
Free your mind of its weight
Free your body of its deprecations
Lose yourself in the tale

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