One Last Time

One last time
Wasn’t the first thought on my mind
More of a desire than it ever was a need
You asked in jest:
“Will you miss ping ping?”
I didn’t laugh
I wanted to cry
To simply miss this would be lying
Always yearning
Always hoping
Because for the first time
I didn’t cheat
Not once
Never have I experienced this side of myself
To love someone so purely
So holistically
Aiding you in breathing (in living) became my focus
Instead of taking your breath away with my sexuality
You succeeding is more significant
Than the relationship we built
Although beautiful in its growth
Our futures stand waiting and ready
Because the perception of love is still just a perception
Drive forward B
Drive will win over everything
You know Buk understood this
His little flame he refused to let die
You possess this same ideal
So go

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