To The Night

I’m scared to ask
(for it’s after the fact)
So instead I lean on the conversation
Of poetic obscurity
A faint memory exists in the depths of my brain
A place where the perception may almost
Stand in as a dream
Answer me this:
Lie or truth?
Dancing with electric presence
Liquid courage forcing bravery
The mood matching the rhythm in our legs.
To the tone of perfection
We spoke
Faces close
NOT sexual
We laughed
Forgetting what was said
Then that kiss
Only for a moment
In the highlight of the night
A lip lock
Carrying no weight, no expectation
A rare enforcement of friendship
Lips understanding
What the mind cannot comprehend
An act punching through the seam dividing
The unconscious and the reality
So I ask again
For my own sanity
Was this a lie or a truth?

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