Let Me expose

Let Me expose
Your most vulnerable
Allow Me the pleasure
To bathe in Holy beauty
Holy beauty willing and faithful to
My name
Move close to Me
Enter into Me
Warmth against warmth
We are not here to see
But to feel
In this dark middle
Our beings engulf readily
With fits of passion
How and why flee
While rash lovers enjoy
Even cherish this heat
Pay attention as I love you down
As I move from
Burning follicles to supple nape
From the bone of sensuous ecstasy
To the mountains of youth
Pay attention, Love, to My touch
I react to your movement
Your lines enthrall Me
From the subtle cage under
The breast
To the silky line penetrating
The navel
I draw closer
The Holy of Holies
Ignites My heart with Fire
Without spoil I graze
The erotic beast
Before I tame and satisfy
Fully and completely I worship
Your whole creation

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1 Response to Let Me expose

  1. D. Walter says:

    At the moment, all I can contribute is “OMG”! And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Sometimes art is so profound that it provokes awe and wonder, rather than mere intellectual assent. Sometimes prose cannot do justice in describing the experience of reading the works of a real poet–which you clearly are! Who knew sensuality was so spiritual and spirituality so sensuous!


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