The Wall

The wall was tall to climb
Scarred with
Graffiti insults
Dented with
Blows of mixed passion
Enclosed with
Pure concrete
And stenciled with
You kept Me close
But made Me stay out
Gave parts
Never all
Last night I visited
Your slumber
And you slowly crumbled
Willingly you placed yourself
At the top
Where you could no longer hide
Bare you stood
Nervous because of what
I might do
I held you
Held you softly
For the first time
I touched you tenderly
Calming your front
And healing your back
I stared straight into your eyes
Into your soul
And kissed
What you thought
Was impossible to heal

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1 Response to The Wall

  1. I love this poem. It speaks of the pain and the barriers we build to keep God out. And yet, He loves us and comes to us, even when we will only allow Him into our hearts and lives to a certain extent. You have captured the mind and heart of human life in relationship to God and pain, while showing His vast love for each of us and the ability to heal the wounds we thought impossible to be free from. You are an amazing poet! You are capable of capturing and depicting the human soul in such a way others cannot. You are a gift to the world, my dear!

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