At Her Birth

At her birth
No one knew
But Me
I planned out the intricate moment
They would sprout
Not a guess
Nor a wonder
Then I made
Red peek out her ponder
Smooth and vibrant
Veiled in peach fuzz
A golden rouge glow
Made quite the buzz
The first in generations
For mother and father
I created this one unique
Taking a little extra time
When I pleased
Quiet with an observant eye
Subtle and shy
In the Genesis of life
Waiting patiently to be set free
Each lock growing
Possessing a wild streak
Golden Rouge thriving to seize
Flowing in their own accord
In passing inches
She wishes for curls
It wasn’t difficult
Nor did I second guess
As I wrapped
Every individual ringlet
Around the smallest hair on My chest
I tousled
I played
Gifted with color
Volume and strength
Enjoying the sight
I had made
However on this day
Our day
Frightened in anticipation
Preparing lock for lock
My Golden Rouge
Permits them all to drop
Crowned bald
I see
Beauty more beautiful

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2 Responses to At Her Birth

  1. Forest man says:

    Intriguing. Do you have red hair? And God created you? Intriguing.

  2. GateKeeper says:

    What a beautiful story… are fearfully and wonderfully made……Psalm 139: 13-18!

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