On This Occasion

On this occasion
The dream found me
Hated inception
Accepted explanation
Masses distinguishing generic beauty
Fantasized falsehood starving for truth
His genuine eye possessing sole validity
Softly planting in love
A long feared venomous beast
Meyu* presently speaking
But intensely
Sensuous and rich
“Be My Cobra”
“My beautiful striking Queen Cobra”
Eloquently mesmerizing wandering affection
Not understanding
Who or what to ensnare
You want to be alone
But never lonely
Outside intruders step forward
Seize patience My Queen
Contact of the utmost importance
Entrance the onlookers
Slowly remove their covers
Nakedly clothed
Beautifully erect
Hold your stance
Eye meeting eye
Expand your gorgeous hood
They move closer
Move not
They touch
Feel nothing
Coil round
Seductively flexible
Sizing up
Faultless imperfection
Hissing scent
Cold blooded body
Rushing in heat
Attentive to feed
Fangs openly greet
The hardest of hearts
Wrap tightly
My slithering Bride
One last squeeze
Then just slither bye
Gain ground
Going blind

*Asterisk word(s) are found on the glossary page.

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3 Responses to On This Occasion

  1. Forest man says:

    Wow, there is a story. What is, may not be. Questioning choice. Is it permanent? Is there recourse? Can you survive? What do you really want?

  2. Liska says:

    Author keep up the good work

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