This Act of Love is…

This act of love is…
For the woman who tattooed the Crown
For the owner of the shop and his question for quality
For the receptionist who wonders in amazement
For the bartender who sees something different tonight
For the waiter who loves the look and doesn’t understand the meaning
For the ones who love to dance
For the believer who can’t wait for what comes next
For the child who looks beyond the surface
For the girl friend who tried to talk the idea down
For the sister and her child-like faith
For the brother-in-law and his undying support
For the father who continues to learn
For the mother who is stuck in her ways
For the best friend who is ready for anything
For the cashier with no clue
For the old lady who stands in line behind, disgusted
For the academic who searches for theological answers
For the boyfriend who is losing faith
For the teenager at a stop light
For the bible study group
For the open minds
For the ones who are enthralled by mystery
For the acquaintances with suicidal thoughts
For the neighbor who walks his dog
For all the ones not mentioned
For all the ones yet to see
But most of all
This act of love is for
Not for me

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