The Devil’s Witches?

What if the ones closest to us
Are the Devil’s witches?
The very trust we hold dear
Built on a foundation of sand
And it is finally starting to rain
you see
I see
A usurper
An oppressor
A clever little leech
Upon the first meeting
her eyes locked into mine
she sat comfortably suckling
Every ounce of life out of you
A scene not easily forgotten
I ushered in change
Instantly inducing her hatred
I laughed
The beginning only just begun

As I fell
(By my own stupidity)
I felt her watching
Chanting her praise
As I writhed in pain
she rejoiced
Deeming me seized
Then the unexpected second chance arrived
Swooping in
she engaged a deadly counterattack
Costing my copilots and I
Three days of our sanity
It was good
But not good enough

she is the black fly
Waiting in My honey
Ruining all that is sweet and exotic
No worries
This hive will thrive
I command and they obey
Don’t you see?
There is no way out
Do you feel those drops of dew
Collecting at the top of your glass jar?
You inside
Me outside
I will gladly cherish these moments
you gulp and choke
On Our sweet and exotic
Homemade nectar

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