Mr. Magician

That embrace shuddered my being
Streamed tears down my face
My mind completely lost
Scattered thoughts
I fell victim
To those strong arms
And those sweet tender kisses
I became the prisoner
Knowing I should escape
But yearning to dive deeper inside
Something is amiss
When two bodies
Fit too perfectly together
Is it a trick?
The Love Magician at play
How clever you think you are
Manipulating my feelings
Over actual reality
I won’t lie
I fell
I believed
That temporary, transient moment
Felt so damn good
The thing is
Once the moment is gone
The mind falls back into line
And that feeling stays just a feeling
Because an embrace or a kiss
Is fleeting
While the mind is a never ending abyss
Constantly absorbing
You may have fooled me once
Mr. Magician
But I will checkmate you
All I need is one severing move

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