Veins purged
Drudgery emanating from the last euphoric blast
I see you
Beginning to fade
Pain no longer mummified for convenience
This will not save you
Your constant yearning for hallucinations
The Dark Queen
Shrouded in her White façade
Continually beckoning through a silent whistle
Fashioned deviantly to provoke
Your intrinsic agony
So subtle
Her penetration chisels
Moment melding moment
Resulting in a mind malfunction
Eroded over decades
Dreamworld transforms into a deceived reality
Only obtaining subdued relief
In your convoluted past
A mass of uncertainty and frustration
Overwhelms the simplest of tasks
Eyes refusing to look anywhere but down
Gaze your brown
Deep into My blue
Allow your Last Resort
To tow the burden for a few
Enticing and hesitant
Vulnerably you approach uncharted territories
I present an opportunity of promise
An intoxication unlike previous trips
Engaging a path of no return
A reviving morphinic sanity
Laced with genuine peace
Draw near
I will elevate you
The Dark Queen will cower in defeated horror
Her deadly whistle will fail to sound
You are not a beast

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2 Responses to Comatose

  1. J says:

    The intensity and honesty in which you invite one to reach deep into one’s own darkness to be brought to fullness is, to say the least, enticingly all-consuming.

    This is my favorite poem.

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