Cloudless Days

Cloudless days are my favorite
The clear endless blue abyss
Open for discussion
Unlimited opportunity
The world going on forever
A visual now and beyond
However, your clouded presence
Hinders my view
With an effortless hue
At least for a short time
This intrusion will suffice
Not always white
Not always gray
Your formations are captivating
Day after day
My goal
My directive
Is not to allow you to become a replacement
The previous storm cloud was allsumingly horrific
How dark and dependent I felt
Constantly searching for one ray of sunlight
Just a small sense of blue
Always a tiny bit out of reach
Then in one toranic blast
The heavy pressure loomed elsewhere
And I was left with the after affects
The rubble and the clean up
The moment the last piece of debris was discarded
You collected in my peripheral vision
Close enough for me to notice
Far enough for me not to move away
Intrigue gaining in you cumulus form
Still dark but not creating harm
Pain stricken but not producing destruction
Innocence possessed but not innocent
This accumulation is quite an odd occurrence
Similar to the clouded essence
I feel within
These elements require extensive exploration
The contact is rare and hazardous
Forcing feeling will cause dissipation
An ungraspable ideal
The potential to teach
The potential to learn
Fuck this up now
And all will return

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