The Distance Kills Me

The distance kills me
Being in the same room
Burns my skin
Distance/too close
Which one is it?
Mixed singles
Heart one way
Mind reeling in the other
The difference from yesterday
Lies in the fact
That I know what the heart is
The heart yearns to ruin
It’s so good at it
I hate the feelings you produce
I want to deny you
Yet you keep coming around
Nagging me
Distracting me
Ultimately you just piss me off
you dilute the elements of the mind
And I hate you

I hate you
Again I say nag
Literally exhausting my entire creation
Forcing me to feel falsehoods
Honestly all this just leads to
A not so great fuck
That is all you are truly good for
A conquest
Not love
Because love is a lie
Love is the best fucker of all
If you are naïve enough to fall for it
Good luck
Because love will eat you alive
Turning your mind into trash
It doesn’t care about you
It only wants to destroy you

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