The Strong Shielded One

The strong shielded one
A pixie warrior
Never leaving the state of resistance
The more pushing
The harder I break
The faster I fall
That concrete wall
Becoming a replayed scene of desire
Love him
Intrigue him
Hook him
I did as You requested
Pull back
This I found myself unable to do
And the fault line crumbled
Beneath my feet
Some would be devastated
I felt relief
Then You offered a second chance
The instructions
The boundaries
The guidelines
As I accepted I knew I would fail
The question was just: When?
I knew it
You knew it
Because in the end
We are all selfish
Two months
That’s all it took
The big picture escaping my thinking
Always has
I see
As far as next week
No further
A cursed perspective
Maybe I could have seen beyond
At least for his sake
My success benefitting millions
But honestly it was too difficult
I did not act like a warrior
I did not show strength
I preferred out
And I seized it
This task asked of me
And failed twice by me
All bets off
What is left?
The only objective
‘Do not hurt him’
Cheese and rice!
Every cuss word in the book
Cannot prevent this
My mind angered
While my heart throbs in conflict

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